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Serostim, Virtual Reality

Sadly, most doctors mistakenly believe HIV-associated wasting has been eradicated. Not so. As the only FDA-approved drug indicated for this condition,  Serostim set out to  correct this misconception with an educational, high-science, virtual reality experience—a first in this category for sales rep office calls..

Worth Noting:  For this project, I was a hands-on Creative Director. Recognition belongs to Carlos Vega, (SAD), MJ Myers (GCS) Hiba Tannoury (Medical Director) and Maria Marino (SCW).

Ciba Vision

Clinically proven as the most effective contact lens cleaning system, our challenge was to help consumers understand that only a unique chemical reaction can provide such results. Using a conceptual 1 + 1 = 3 approach, we showcased natural wonders that could only be formed as a result of two forces of nature.

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