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Simply put, I'm a product of experiences as diverse as the character they've created. 

Peter McCarty

After college, I joined the Peace Corps in an effort to save the world before being tied down with kids and credit card debt. Upon my return from Costa Rica, I painted every house in Boston and roadied for a band.

Then, advertising. After pounding the sidewalk with a spec book I landed my first job:  Mailroom Supervisor. Now what's all this got to do with what I can bring to your party? Plenty. Because I didn't learn about marketing, human nature, or the powers of persuasion from a book. I learned it all from being firmly embedded in the fabric of real-life consumerism.

I believe in a simple, focused, strategy grounded in insights. As a result, I've delivered award-winning work for such brand behemoths as Budweiser, John Deere and Pfizer. That said, I'll be the first to admit I didn't do it alone—I'm a team player with a strong Midwestern work ethic. My work has been described as smart, simple, and appropriately witty.

Should you have an opportunity where my combined skills can help promote your clients' business and brand growth, please reach out. Thank you.

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