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Recognized as the long-standing leader in termite control, our client wanted 2018 to be a year of absolute domination. Hence, the Deader than Dead campaign. Presented with a darkly-humorous attitude throughout, it's lights out for termites in a multitude of tactics and executions.

After devoting her entire life to training, what does an Olympic champion do for an encore? She gives back by devoting the same boundless energy to motivate children who are in dire need of building confidence, identifying dreams, and believing in themselves.

Kids today—too much time is spent indoors with noses buried in phones. Well, one woman has made it her mission to create change through inspiration. Working with a team of academic and athletic experts, Dr. Amanda Stanec has cracked the code on turning apathy into activity.

Sentricon 2019

With the success of the inaugural tour now in the rearview mirror, our client was eager to get the show back on the road. Covering new territory, new dealers, and new marketing support, these glimpses of past encounters tease the opportunities that lie ahead.