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DePaul University

In an academic world where colleges train students to learn what they see, DePaul encourages students to suspend the obvious. Through this untraditional approach, students one better equipped to experience the world through a lens of abstract problem solving. 

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Beer Matters Here Quality Flag.jpg


Big beers get a bad rap. Especially when they're entrenched in communities known for their micro-brewing population. As the smaller brewers organized to pass advantageous legislation, our challenge was not to bash, but to embrace common interests and speak to our many generations of valuable contributions,

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In 1984, amoxicillin clavulanic acid was approved for medical use and it quickly became the gold standard of companion animal anti-infectives. Years pass, and it's about to go off-patent. To combat generic pricing, this campaign was created to reenforce  the decades of trust veterinarians shared with this workhorse brand.

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Carlsberg bottle


Carlsberg was relatively unknown in the US when A-B purchased exclusive distribution rights. Targeting entry-level drinkers and keying on the concept there's still great things to discover, this series of campus posters celebrated both the beer, and the college-culture institution of the road trip.

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Taxi cab

Hoover B2B

Despite the power of the Hoover brand, competitors were presenting new technologies that were taking up precious retail floor space. Not to be outdone, Hoover created WindTunnel Technology and set out to prove their  products provided the category-leading suction consumers would soon be demanding.

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