What do you do when your long-standing product goes off-patent and becomes vulnerable to generics? You remind your audience continued use goes beyond brand loyalty; it provides peace of mind.


How do entry level drinkers discover that the most popular beer in the world is now available in the United States?

With posters and ads in and around college campuses telling them there are cool things out there they should know about; like a road trip to see Speedy Atkins and ice-cold Carlsberg beer.


Convincing retailers to allow more floor space for Hoover products needed a compelling reason to believe.

Fortunately, Hoover's greatest strength is its greatest strength.

ImmunoCAP_Consumer & HCP

Historically, identifying the source of allergic triggers was hit-or-miss. In fact, even those most in-the-know could only take their best guess. Now science takes the guessing out of their guesswork.







Dailies:  When your insight says contact lenses are time bombs of discomfort, you simply set a trap touting the more comfortable alternative.

Biogel:  Surgeons are a tough brood. And before you can sell them a damn good surgical glove, you have to convince them you're on the same wavelength. Hence, "The Science of Hands."

Calypso:  Insecticides kill bees. Without bees, crops fail. Now what? Well, if you're Bayer CropScience you invent the only bee-safe insecticide. Needless to say, our solution was exciting news for all. 




AIR OPTIX:  Millions of baby boomers are on a collision course with presbyopia. All we had to do was give them the permission they needed to correct their eyesight without the stigma of glasses.