Lemonhead :30

Although Lemonhead has 24-7 visibility on the door to the Blackhawks' bench, this campaign marks the first time he's been brought to life roaming about the United Center. The head. The legend. The sharpshooter.

John Deere :30

When John Deere launched the LT133 at their lowest price-point in history, the company was sensitive to it being perceived as "cheap." Well, there's nothing cheap about heritage, value, and the power of dreams.

Hoover :30

When the One Thing on your strategy says "WindTunnel Technology is wicked powerful," the trick is not to muck up such a creatively fertile claim. Especially when the client wants to mention 300 product features.

Bud Racing :30

What does it say when you put one of the orneriest team owners in NASCAR history next to an incorrigible employee in a room filled with 670 horses? It says Bud understands NASCAR.

Budweiser :30

Kids today. All they do is talk about themselves as the kids of yesterday. By tapping into universal touch points, this spot seamlessly tied our brand to the target's memories of a simpler life from a simpler time.

Roundup :30

When your USP is killing the roots so the weeds don't come back, it can be challenging to communicate that what you can't see is crucial to understanding the benefit. Unless, of course, you go underground.

Bud Racing :30

Despite the current popularity of cooking, there was a time when it was considered unmanly–especially if you saw yourself as a genuine Bud Man. Enter Justin Wilson and Miss Budweiser. Cooking rocks.

Hoover :15

With half the time, the first thing to jettison was a laundry list of product features. As a result, the viewer is left with the one, single benefit of this mighty machine with WindTunnel technology.

Lemonhead :30 Radio

Bayer CropScience :60 Radio

Bayer CropScience :60 Radio